Replace mortgages on time

A mortgage without a fixed term (e.g. variable mortgage) can be canceled and thus redeemed at any time, subject to the notice period (usually three months)

Fixed-term mortgages (e.g. fixed-rate mortgages or Saron mortgages) can be redeemed at the end of the contract period.

Basically, the following applies: Check the contractual agreements on termination. In the event of an extraordinary termination, you or possibly the bank of the other party must pay compensation – depending on the current interest rates.

Replace fixed-rate mortgages with different terms

This is possible. However, since mortgage liens, which serve as security for the lender, are often not coordinated with individual mortgage tranches, they have to be delivered to the new lender ahead of time in return for a promise to pay. Alternatively, the land charge can also be split, but this is usually associated with costs for you as a customer.

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