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Is your mortgage about to expire? Many mortgage lenders advertise that you can extend your mortgage yourself online in just a few minutes or fewer clicks. It’s quick, but it can be expensive. It is definitely worth asking other providers with HYPO-CENTER AG as a mortgage broker. Imagine you extend a fixed-rate mortgage for 10 years and then pay 0.3% more each year than any other provider. With a mortgage of CHF 800,000, this results in additional expenses of CHF 24,000 in 10 years. In some circumstances, you can save several thousand francs here. In the current environment of negative interest rates, it must be taken into account that pension funds and insurance companies may be able to offer better conditions than banks. In addition, the market value of your property and your financial situation have changed since you signed your mortgage. These are all influencing factors on today’s financing and the conditions. This particularly affects the mortgage lending of your property, the amortization and of course the interest rate for your further mortgage. And note that you can fix the interest rate for the renewal up to 18 months before your mortgage expires (forward).

HYPO-CENTER AG is not only a mortgage broker but also offers mortgage advice and check the market value of your property.

All good reasons to have the entire financing structure checked by HYPO-CENTER AG and to obtain several offers for an extension of your mortgage. It is definitely worth comparing.

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