Do not spend a lot of money unnecessarily for the financing

Do not spend a lot of money unnecessarily when financing your own home or income producing real estate.

Raising money for a home or an investment property seems easier and cheaper than ever before.

Banks, insurance companies, pension funds and online mortgage lenders are stirring up the market. As attractive as the current mortgage interest rates are, it is worth letting the competition play its part, getting offers from different providers, comparing them carefully and then deciding on an offer.

Yet many mortgage borrowers take the path of least resistance. When it comes to taking out a new mortgage or replacing a mortgage, simply contact your house bank. When the going gets tough, they get an offer from a second provider. Many believe they have already made a bargain if the interest rate offered is below the bank’s official benchmark interest rate.

For the majority of mortgage borrowers, the motto is “don’t bother too much, please”. The effort of finding all the necessary documents and data regarding the property and debtor’s creditworthiness and presenting them to a new bank is difficult for many customers. What should I be looking for, given the already low interest rates. The differences are in any case negligibly small, many say. But this is not the case. Comparing carefully can save a lot of money.

There can be differences of more than half a percent. Over a long period of time, this can be in the thousands.

You don’t have to make any great efforts at all. We do that for you.

You deliver the data and documents about your creditworthiness and property.

We analyze the financial situation and would be happy to advise you on optimal financing. We then obtain several offers for you and take care of all inquiries, meetings and negotiations with our numerous financial partners. We compare the different offers and select the best offer together with you. You save an enormous amount of time and money.

Benefit from our know-how.

It is worth it.

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