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The interest rates shown are current top conditions. Your personal interest rate may vary due to creditworthiness, loan-to-value ratio, mortgage volume and the type and location of the property.

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Savings potential

Save several thousand francs every year. Partner with HYPO-CENTER AG from mortgage comparison to conclusion to maximize your savings potential.

Time savings

No appointments or time-consuming comparisons of mortgage offers. We handle all inquiries, meetings, and negotiations for you.

Free of charge

A mortgage comparison from HYPO-CENTER AG is free and non-binding if we arrange the mortgage for you. 

Industry experience

Our extensive experience in the mortgage market, expertise in assessment, and commitment to providing the best solution offer you the security of an optimal financing solution.

Financial partnerships

Deep relationships with financial partners give us detailed knowledge of the latest credit policies, enabling us to tailor financing structures to your individual needs and obtain the best possible offer for you.


HYPO-CENTER AG is an independent consulting company and mortgage broker, free of conflicts of interest. Our business focuses on providing advice and guidance that aligns with your needs.

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We’ll work with you to understand your needs, explain the required documentats, and obtain them. Together, this information will form the basis of our detailed analysis and personalized advice

Analysis & advice

Based on your information and documents, we analyze your personal financial situation and show you various financing options, including the optimal mortgage solution.

Invitation to tender & offers

In an invitation to tender, we send the financing request to our financial partners. We take care of all meetings, inquiries, and negotiations for you. Together with you, we select the best option from the offers made by mortgage lenders to ensure optimal financing.

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